Year of the Woman?

Who cares about a Black  single mother running for local city council? Why should it matter that a Queer Black woman is running for the Denver Transit Board?  Why should people pay attention to a Latinx woman born in one of the most polluted neighborhoods in the United States who is running for office? Why does it matter that Denver has never had a woman mayor and has the chance to elect and Afro-Latina?

These are not just their stories, they are our stories.  Stories that have been left out of the conversation around feminism and leadership and politics.  

In 1992 American voters elected more new women to Congress than any previous decade.  This started what some thought would be "The Year of the Woman" and although there were gains made, all one has to do is turn on the news to recognize that we still have far to go and that there are still too many races women must run  and too many battles we must fight before our work is done.

I want to capture these battles. I want to share stories that are infrequently told (if they are told at all).  I want to show the world that big things can happen in small cities. I want to  document women of color running for office in a city that has aptly been called "Wakanda for White People". 

Who Cares About Local Elections? 

Voter turn out is typically lower during mid-term elections. A stunning number of people don't vote in their municipal and local elections at all.  The saying,  "All Politics is Local" is attributed to Tip O'Neill; Yes, our national elections are incredibly important but equally important are the local elections that shape our day to day life and impact our livelihood, our families and our communities.

Women of color are consistently left out of these narratives. 

Running with My Girls will have a local focus in Denver, which is a primarily white city.  However, the themes will be universal; representation, struggle, dismantling racism and uplifting the voices of women of color in politics.  

What We Need 

Professional videographers and editors are very expensive. On average it costs about $1,500 per day for an 8 hour shoot. As we will be following multiple subjects we will need at least two camera operators per shoot. Plus expenses and  editing which typically runs about $85.00 per hour. $25,000 will get us started on the project.

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As a full time working mother I know this is an ambitious "side" project but as evidenced by my previous films, I can make it happen, especially with my incredible passion for supporting "my girls" and raising up the voices and profiles of women of color.  

The Impact

This project will be multifaceted. We will be highlighting the courage and strength of women as well as the importance of voting and being an active and engaged member of your community. This film will show women of all ages and backgrounds what is possible, even against incredible odds. It will explore the barriers that have traditionally kept women out of political office and will inform and excite viewers to be more active and involved. It will be a film that women will reference when they are writing their memoirs and being interviewed about what was the spark that made them run for office and how their careers in politics began and flourished in spite of the deck being stacked against them. 

Risks & Challenges

Any documentary project runs a risk of not being completed however,  this project will be completed after the elections in May 2019.  I am hopeful that all of the women that are running win. Regardless of the outcomes; sharing these stories will be illuminating and will help pave the way for a future that is female, truly diverse and inclusive. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If your money is acting funny and you cannot contribute financially please share this project far and wide. If you can contribute skills such as filming, music or photography please do!  And if you are local to Denver, get involved in campaigns you support.

We can run alone but we'll get so much farther together.