Photo Credit: Andy Colwell, Special to The Colorado Sun

Photo Credit: Andy Colwell, Special to The Colorado Sun

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KGNU Radio

Conflicts Of Color, Documenting The Ongoing Struggle Of Race Identity

Rebekah Henderson speaks with KGNU’s Tish Beauford about race and identity and how the complications around these issues, particularly in Colorado, drive Henderson’s work. She is part of the “Loving Generation” biracial children born after the famous Supreme Court case Loving Vs. Virginia 1967 which made intermarriage between Blacks and Whites legal nation wide. Her husband is also a child born of the “Loving Generation”. She has one son who will be turning four this summer.


Women and Hollywood

From Dialogue to Action: Crowdfunding Picks

“Running With My Girls” is a feature-length documentary that will follow women of color running for office in Denver, Colorado. From city council to the transit board to the mayor’s office, the film will document Denver’s municipal elections in an effort to shine a light on the importance of local politics, and, perhaps more importantly, the unique struggles that women of color face when running for office — and the unique struggles that pushed them to run in the first place.



Prison Abolitionist Elisabeth Epps’ Sentencing Will Only Fuel Her Fire For Criminal Justice

Rebekah Henderson, the host of Off Color Podcast, is a close friend of Epps. Henderson told ESSENCE that she found the use of George Washington as a cudgel against Epps to be,  “Infuriating… to invoke a Founding Father who wore the teeth of slaves in his mouth as someone we should be still holding up as a bastion of justice?”

Henderson told ESSENCE that, “What is she going to jail for? It just feels punitive. I think the only people who should be in jail are people who offer a clear and present danger. She’s not a danger. The only danger she is is that she is a social justice freedom fighter, and that is the thing that scares people like Judge Day.”